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 Mini Max M2 - Five Years Warantee

 The Mini Max M2

This is the second generation of the fantastic Mini Max range. It is now better than ever with significant improvements including greater capacity, reduced salt consumption and a smart new cabinet. Best of all the M2 now comes with a 5 year warranty.

210mm(w) 460mm(d) 490mm(h)

Prices subject to survey.

 Mini Max - Superb valve twin cylinder softener The Mini Max

The Mini Max is the best value twin cylinder unit available. As the base model for the whole Mini Max range it has a long and proven track record. Its simple design means just drop the salt blocks in and enjoy soft water. It will cater for upto 10 people and can be fitted below a kichen sink in all cases.

210mm(w) 460mm(d) 490mm(h)

Fitted from £850.00*

 Trojan - The great value work horse

 The Trojan TR10tc

The Trojan is one of the most compact and low cost water softeners available. It comes in a range of sizes to suit all domestic needs and is available in either timer or meter control versions. It will fit below a kitchen sink in most cases. It will take both tablet and block salt. It is ideally suited to a family of upto five people.

230mm(w) 480mm(d) 635mm(h)

Fitted from £450.00*

*Based on replacing an existing unit. Installation charges will apply for first fits. Please contact us for further details.

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HomeWater softenersDrinking FiltersSalt Prices